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I was born in 1937, borned in Nyköping at Repslagaregatan 29, a small red house with a large garden, opposite the Clock Hill.
The house that I remember, it consisted of a kitchen, bedroom and a "room" (living room) which was not used to what we now mean by alivingroom. All of the daily life revolved around the kitchen. I remember there was a wood box (it was no central heating) where dad Evert sat and filled her  boots with cellull who made the boots warmer. This was during the war years when dad Evert was inducted. Apparently he was able to go home sometimes.
In conjunction with the "hall" was also another room which I will remember for rent with a private entrance. Grandpa Hjalmar Krusell lived there after the grandmother Matilda died. She was sick (in what I do not know) but she was nursed on EMTNÄS Nursing Home (now it is a conference center) during her last years.

Upstairs lived an elderly couple where I could be when it was  a danger of war. They all turned out the lights and covered the windows with blinds and coverings. Mother and father went to the shelter located in Mountain Time.

We had lots of fruit trees, berry bushes, strawberries in the garden. Also a large arbor where we had coffee when fit weather. During the war years mom raised rabbits in the back of the house. These were slaughtered when the food was not enough and the skins were used to coat for me, and flanges for mom and me.

In the backyard was also a mangle-house where wives in the neighborhood came to mangle their laundry. It was a sideline for mom Gurlie. She also took the laundry which she ironed. The mangle was run with kerosene from a shed next to the supplied stream. In the  the backyard was also stores and toilet.

Then we moved to Repslagaregatan 21 when dad bought two apartment buildings along Repslagaregatan and V Trädgårdsgatan. House No. 21 was called "Spökslottet" (haunted castle) why I do not know but it was said that someone had been murdered in the attic. I was always afraid to go up in the attic. Both houses are now demolished.

In the house on the corner of Repslagaregatan and V Trädgårdsgatan was a "dairy." Yiu bought milk and cream in bulk, that you take with you a jug that was filled with the desired number of liters / dl.

In the summer, dad Evert filled the large wash-tube in the laundry room (no 23) with ice where the housewives in the building were able to put milk and creame so they stayed a long time.
When the diary closed a driving school started in that place.

It will be more later on.