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Here I will inform you about new things happening in our family. Of course first of all I will have the permission from the mentioned person to publish the information 

Yesterday (Friday, May 7) I was as usual out walking along the creak with Casper. In the creak there are two small islands which are connected via land bridges.
Suddenly I saw a different colorful bird that swims along with grass ducks and Canadian geese.
Trying to capture it with my mobile camera which did not  succeed. Hits a lady who think it is a Mandarin.
Home and google the name - and one could imagine the match - what a beautiful bird.

Originally derived from the Mandarin Spirit East Asia. Already in the 1740's acquired like mandarin ducks for parks in England. Later, several parks in Sweden acquired these colorful ducks. During the 1900s has escaped birds run wild, and they now nest regularly in several places in Europe. Since the climate in Sweden seems to suit them, so there are also sporadic nests here. Among other things, mandarin ducks had successful nests in Jämtland. Mandarin Spirit is 41-49 centimeters long.

Text and photo taken from Wikipedia

A new babyson was born 5th of January 2010 in Gothenburg. The parents are Tobias and Maria and very proud grandparents are my doughter Anna-Lena and her husband Christer - no name at the baby as far as we know

His name is SAM!